We are launching this Concept with New Name Call "BRAINMUSIC INTERNATIONAL"


Although Brain Music may sound like some fantastical New Age treatment, it is solidly based on the modern science of how the brain works. The benefits of both neurofeedback and music therapy have been recognized for years, and are well accepted and acknowledged by practitioners of Western Medicine. Brain Music is a combination of neurofeedback and music therapy that was developed by respected members of the mainstream medical research community.

Our Nuero Performance Program improves brain function by inducing synchronous brainwave activity in key frequency ranges, resulting in improved mental focus and communication among various regions of the brain.

Ideal clients realize that, regardless of their current level of success, their peak mental performance is still untapped. Athletes who were able to win more games after following a regular schedule of Brain Music Stimulation ; improving their concentration, performance and competition skills.

Students with B's and C's became A students after regular Brain Music Stimulation use, resulting in heightened focus on studying and they experienced improved memory recall for test taking.

The Interbrain ( Mid Brain ) acts as a sort of control tower of consciousness and is equipped with highly advanced intelligence…If a person develops his Interbrain, he will acquire a memory that will allow him to never forget whatever he has seen or heard once…

The Interbrain is in charge of controlling the entire human organism including the viscera. The deep human consciousness controls the Interbrain. …

Once you learn how to access the interbrain, you can become a super human. In order to awaken this part of the brain , it is necessary to stimulate a hormonal discharge by sending a special vibration.

What is the Workshop all about? What is the benefit?

A: The 2-Day Brain Activation workshop is designed to give children an eye-opening introduction to mental development. The objective is to let children to experience what mental development is all about and to give them a message that mental development is not dull like school subjects but it is fun and creative.

This Workshop will serve as the inspiration as it gives children a whole new perspective about their brain and the unlimited abilities their brain possess. It is like ‘Starting the Engine of their Brain’.

  • It Improves a Person’s Thinking Ability and Mental Power by Using Both Brain at a time.
  • It will Improve Memory and Concentration
  • It Enhances Logical & Creative Ability
  • It Improve Self Confidence and Emotional Stability
  • It Improves IQ ( Intelligence Quotient) & EQ ( Emotional Quotient)
  • It will also Improve Academic Strength, Social Skills, Will Power, Kinesthetic Skills, Language Skills , SpatialSkills and Spiritual Skills.
  • Your Child’s Pathway to Genius
  • Children, who have attended the Blind-fold Method Course, show unbelievable hidden potential. They can basically ‘See’ and ‘Read’ using their brain wave signals. It may sound unbelievable at first. However, after you have witness your child and other children showing this ability after the course, you won’t be surprised anymore.
  • ~ Professor Makoto Shichida ~
  • There is one common question asked. Why let your child learn blind-fold reading method when they can read using their eyes? To be able to ‘See’ and ‘Read’ blind-folded, it shows and proves that your child’s Interbrain function is awakened (activated). Once Interbrain is awakened, your child’s hidden potential will be unleashed one by one…
  • Your child might demonstrate one or more of the following abilities:
  • ~ Photographic memory ~ Super IQ ~ Speed Learning ~ Multiple Languages Mastery ~ Computer Calculation Speed
  • ~ Perfect-pitch (music mastery) ~ Creative Talent ~ Sport Excellence ~ Superb Intuition ~ Joyful and confidence personality

What are the benefits of attending Middle Brain Activation Course?

After attending the course, all children will have different degree of improvement in the following area

  • Memory enhancement
  • Concentration enhancement
  • Confidence boosting
  • Creativity enhancement
  • Emotion Management